This batch program generates a calendar for each year requested in the input file, in order to test a routine for converting dates from gregorian to julian.

The Julian Routine uses a formula instead of a month table to convert the date.

The Month Table is only used for controlling the loop that requests conversion of every date in the year.

The Week Day routine determines the day of the week of a calendar date. It is performed for every date of the year to guide horizontal positioning of the output. Since it relies on the conversion routine, it makes bugs easy to spot.

The Linkage Section contains a PARM field that supplies the option of printing the date at the top of each page with either suffix:
  A.D. (Anno Domini)
  C.E. (Common Era)

The Open Routine illustrates the practice of setting an indicator of file successfully opened.

The Close Routine illustrates the practice of closing only files that have been opened.

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